RadiS - Radial Menu System  

Welcome to the RadiS project!

Thank you for your interest in RadiS.
This is the official homepage

RadiS is a cool-looking mouse menu that opens upon a global hot-key.
It allows sub-menus which will be displayed in an adjacent partly circle.

News: RadiS IS 1!!!!! Just in time for christmas we bring you our first final version of RadiS! Much has been done since 0.6.1. We have seen some other products and adapted some good ideas from them.
The most obvious change is our new "Pineapple Mode", dividing the outer circle into segments for every icon.
The second obvious change is that now, we have zoom animations for better hover experience.
Another big leap is that now, RadiS utilizes log4j to log what it's doing, so if you ever have problems with radis, we now have the means to really help you.
You feel the sudden urge to configure something while using RadiS? Just right-click on any part of RadiS' background to open the context menu!
The biggest technical change is the new "Fixate/Loosen" button in the context menu. With it, you can prevent RadiS from disappearing when it looses focus and then can DRAG & DROP Windows shortcuts into RadiS! THAT'S RIGHT: RadiS now supports Drag & Drop!
We still have many ideas in the tube for RadiS, unfortunately we cannot program as fast as we'd like to and the ideas keep rolling in :-)

If you feel you have what it takes to participate, drop us a note.
We hope you have as much fun using RadiS as we had developing it!

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